As soon as you finish with the development and fine-tuning of your iOS app, one very important question comes to mind; how do I make money now? When it comes to making money out of the iOS app, selecting the right channel of revenue is one crucial point and it depends on just how you intend to make money from the app. The app may have a price tag or a subscription. A few ways of making good money from it, are stated below.

When you put a price on the app sections for advertisement, it allows the iOS app development to feature an app for free. This advertising space inside the app can be auctioned to different brands and they can add their promotional content so that they can make some money. This method has become one of the most widely used methods of making money from the app. It also happens to be the easiest. If the app has a reasonable number of downloads, then the money will just keep coming in, no stress.

The trend of putting a small amount of data for free and then pitching for the sale later is gathering strength. It is popular among magazine or newspaper mobile applications. The iOS developers, put the apps in the app store, in such a way that the app allows access to some for free.

The exclusive features of the app, however, are locked and can only be viewed after a paid subscription. In essence, the app can be downloaded for free, and the users will have to subscribe to be able to use it. A paid subscription is a very good and reliable way of generating inform revenue that piles up on the long run.

Another way of making money off your app is by offering paid virtual products. This is a method that works best with gaming apps in which a user can purchase points or even pay in order to move to the next level. When using this method, the basic functions of the app are free, but users have to buy products and services as they continue to use the app.

There are some app developers who would rather just go up front and utilize the simplest method of just putting the app for a certain price. Going by this method, interested users cannot download the app for free but have to pay to download it. Once downloaded, however, all the features are unlocked and updates are available without any added charges. However, for people to pay for your app up front, it requires some good marketing skills.

Another way of making money off your app is by enabling sponsorship. As an app owner, this may be a relatively new concept, so I will explain how it works. When you put your app up on the app store for free, you can give authority to certain sponsors, who in turn, give rewards and such to people using the apps when they perform certain tasks while using the app. For your efforts, you get a determined percentage of what the advertisers pay. For instance, if the app user plays a promotional video, he or she may get the reward of moving on to a new level, or something like that.

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