We live in a world where it is very important for one to have flexibility in terms of location and space. In this aspect, we have a lot to thank technology for as it has helped out a lot in that regard, initially, with the concept of portable computers and then recently, smartphone technology. The iPhone as a device changed the whole aspect of smartphone technology and can be used for various things. These days, you can send and also receive a fax, using your iPhone. In order to begin using this technology, one would need the assistance of email fax services.


Email fax services are companies that own powerful fax servers that have the ability to convert an image into digital files and the other way around. These services have become the preferred fax delivery and reception method because of the speed involved in the performance as well as the wide array of features they come with, and also for the fact that a fax can be sent using an iPhone. One major benefit of utilizing this service is that you are provided with a virtual fax number which is essential for one who wants to get digital faxes from fax machines. These services are being offered by different companies and it is best to test them before choosing a particular one. Some common services, however, are MetroFax, MyFax, RingCentral, Nextiva e.t.c


As soon as you have made a valid email fax account, then you are ready to begin faxing. To begin, download a mobile fax app from the app store by entering the app store and searching for the fax application which corresponds to whatever service you may be making use of. Don't forget that these apps are free, so keep away from those ones that ask you to pay a certain amount.

When the app is downloaded and you want to use it, you will be asked to supply your fax account details. Once you enter them, the app will unlock fully for you to access it. Inside, you will see different configuration options that are different and are based on the service you are running on, but by then, you will instantly be able to get faxes on your iPhone. There's an option that allows you receive notifications of incoming faxes or conversely, you can just check from time to time, just in case. These apps will also give you the option of reviewing, storing as well as forwarding the faxes you receive, to other recipients.


When you want to send a fax, you will need to visit the app in order to choose from one of the two available methods of making a fax. The first one is rather easy, and you can just type your message using the phone's virtual keyboard. The other method allows you taking a picture of the document you want to send. This document will be optimised in order to ensure that the reader is absolutely able to read it.